On Atlassian’s Developer pages, you can find a Rate this page feature at top and bottom of each page.

Rate this page: ☆☆☆☆☆.

The rating options are five stars. When you hover over each star a tooltip appears to qualify the sentiment: unusable, poor, okay, good, or excellent.

Rate this page: unusable.

When you click a star, its fill changes from transparent to yellow and all stars to the left of it also take this styling change. A modal with a text area also appears asking you to share your thoughts. You can send the feedback or close the modal. The modal content is the same regardless of the rating you clicked.

Share your thoughts. Your feedback helps us improve. Let us know your thoughts about this page.

After you submit your feedback, a small badge appears on the bottom left corner of the page thank you for your feedback.

Thank you. We'll use your feedback to improve this page.