On Algolia’s documentation, you can find a Did you find this page helpful? feature at the bottom of each page with a thumbs up and thumb down button options.

Did you find this page helpful?

If you click thumbs up, a form appears with a text area that thanks you for your feedback and asks what you liked about the page. You can also include your email if you want someone at Algolia to get back to you.

Thank for your feedback! What did you like about this page?

If you click thumbs down, the same form appears and the text area asks you what Algolia can improve.

Thank for your feedback! What can we improve about this page?

Throughout the site, you’ll find a small button with an exclamation point icon on the right of sections.

Round button with exclamation point icon.

When you click it, the page scrolls down to the feedback feature and opens the feedback form. The text area asks, “What’s on your mind?”

What's on your mind?